Bernoulli One

Early detection of critical events saves lives. Designed on this truth, Bernoulli One is the most advanced real-time clinical surveillance solution for hospitals. Smart alarms with real-time data are a friendly tap on the shoulder for clinicians that facilitates early intervention, reduces risks, and protects patients.

Clinical Surveillance & Monitoring

Real-time patient observation for:
• Emergency Rooms
• Operating Rooms
• Post-Anesthesia Care Units
• Intensive Care Units
• Long Term Acute Care
• And more

Medical Device Integration

Real-time data collection from:
• Electronic Health Records (EHR)
• Patient Monitors
• Medical Ventilators
• Specialty Monitors & Devices
• Alarm Management Apps

Real-Time Data Analytics

Clinical decision support enabled by:
• Real-time data collection
• Real-time data analysis
• Real-time alarm notifications

Improve Clinical Alarm Safety

• Bernoulli alarm surveillance
• Baseline alarm data
• Advance alarm analysis

Reduce Clinical Variation

• Bernoulli alarm surveillance
• Bernoulli smart alarms
• Bernoulli Research and benchmarking

Prevent Patient Deterioration

• Bernoulli smart alarms
• Limited alarms
• Trend alarms
• Combination alarms
• Consecutive alarms
• Sustained alarms
• And more

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Anatomy of a smart alarm: Intervention based on adverse trends